January 26, 2015

A little more than a year ago we held an open house to celebrate our move into the Raikes Foundation’s new home on the north shore of Seattle’s Lake Union.

Since then we have been thrilled to see our offices evolve into a vibrant gathering place where we brainstorm with our grantees and partners, swap ideas about what’s working across our strategies and engage new audiences to support and accelerate the impact of our philanthropy.

Today we are excited for an open house of a different sort as we debut our newly renovated home on the Internet, www.raikesfoundation.org. We hope the website will become an equally vital resource for anyone who wants to learn more about our work and help us fulfill our mission to empower young people to transform their lives.

The site is a versatile and interactive source of information about our team, our philosophy, our grantmaking strategies and our grantees. There is a lot here, so we encourage you to explore.But we want to point out a few sections that we are particularly excited about:

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