May 23, 2017
Children working in a garden
By Juliet Taylor
Program Officer, Raikes Foundation

Last summer I was elated to find a Washington Post headline asking, “Are Summer Camps the Next Frontier in Helping Disadvantaged Students Catch up?”. Educators have long pointed to the ways in which additional learning opportunities before and after school, as well as during the summer, expand horizons for vulnerable students and create needed continuity in their development.

Fast forward a few months however, and the largest federal program supporting expanded learning opportunities (ELO) for kids from low-income communities is now on the chopping block.

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May 18, 2017
Mindset Scholars Network

FOSTERING a growth mindset in students

When Carol Dweck was working on her doctorate in social and developmental psychology at Yale University, she became intrigued with a fundamental question about education:  Why do some students give up in the face of failure, while others thrive?

“I was interested in how children coped with difficulty and setbacks,” Dweck recalled. “Some of the children as I expected folded and thought it was the end of the world. Others looked like I was giving them a gift. They said things like, ‘I love a challenge,’ ‘I was hoping this would be informative,’ or ‘mistakes are our friend.’  And I thought, where are these kids from, Mars? I’m failing them! And yet they were relishing it. And benefiting from it.

“Then and there,” Dweck said, “I swore that I would uncover their secret, bottle it and give it to the world.”

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May 18, 2017
Bike Works

Bike Works is an organization based in south Seattle that promotes the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower young people and build resilient communities. Bike Works offers bike repair classes, riding trips, and job training programs for young people, as well as adults.

Quality expanded learning in action

It only takes a minute talking to Deb Salls, Executive Director of Bike Works, to realize that the youth programs she runs are special.

“Leadership is built into every program,” says Salls, before launching into the incredible number of steps Bike Works takes to empower young people and encourage them to take ownership of the programs and space.

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March 28, 2017
By Kelly Ngo
Communications Officer

Recently Raikes Foundation Program Officer Juliet Taylor updated the Washington House Early Learning and Human Services Committee on the importance of quality expanded learning opportunities for the state’s kids. She also briefed lawmakers on the newly launched Sparkwind Movement, an initiative of School’s Out Washington aimed at ensuring that all young people in the state have access to high-quality out of school programs.

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