March 24, 2018
At the March For Our Lives, students are once again showing us the way
By Erin Kahn
Executive Director, Raikes Foundation

Today, we’re inspired by the young people who have gathered in our nation’s capitol and in communities across the country to say that enough is enough—gun violence stops with this generation.

The activism we’re seeing today is reminiscent of historic student-led movements that have changed our country for the better. From the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee of the 1960s to the Black Lives Matter movement of today, young people have the power to change our nation’s trajectory, and that’s never been more apparent.

The fight for gun safety is – and should be – an inclusive movement. The devastation caused by a gunshot does not discriminate along racial or socioeconomic lines. The tragedy of gun violence is one that collectively impacts us all. It is on us, as adults, to foster students’ ability to make change.

Today, as we stand with our students in the fight for gun safety, we encourage every adult to consider what they can do to support students as leaders and as advocates. While so many young people in this generation have proven resilient, with an innate ability to lead – they still need our support. Both inside the classroom and within our communities.

We know students have better outcomes when they are wholly supported by caring adults, feel they belong both in school and in their communities, and enjoy the basic right of safety. As these students are fighting so hard for all of us, we can’t afford to let them down. As adults, it’s on all of us to support the young people we know and love – not only today, but at every possible juncture. Their futures are depending on it.