April 11, 2018
What We Did Together in 2017
By Erin Kahn
Executive Director, Raikes Foundation

Last year was an exciting one for the Raikes Foundation, which is why decided to issue our first ever annual report.

I encourage you to check out the whole report here. Below are some highlights from our work this year:  

  • The release of the first research brief from Voices of Youth Count, a first-of-its-kind survey giving us a comprehensive look at the disturbing prevalence of youth and young adult homelessness in every community across the country.
  • The development of new tools and professional development resources that are helping summer and afterschool programs deliver high-quality, enriching programs for young people in Washington state.
  • The rise of mindset science as a key area of the science of learning and development and an essential component of equity in education.
  • The launch of the Adolescent Brain Science Translation Project, which aims to expand and synthesize the best available science on adolescence, a critical developmental period.
  • A promising first year of collaboration for the BELE Network—a learning community dedicated to building models that advance equity in schools.
  • A thought-provoking conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival about the insidious ways that race-blind policies disadvantage people of color with our trustee, Jeff Raikes, and Darren Walker of the Ford Foundation, moderated by Michele Norris.
  • The start of a new initiative to increase the impact of giving by individual donors, the largest segment of philanthropy, and a great new platform to help do that, called Giving Compass.

This year we also pushed ourselves to focus on equity in our work. We revamped our mission statement, wrote our first vision statement and revised our values. We’re making it crystal clear that our aim is serve young people situated further from opportunity, and we’re busy reimagining our strategies with the goal of producing more equitable outcomes for young people.

We’ll have much more to report on this process this time next year, but until then, I hope you enjoy our reflections on 2017. It was a pivotal year for our foundation, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned and where we’re headed with you.

Read the Raikes Foundation’s 2017 Annual Report