November 15, 2017
Groundbreaking study on youth homelessness sets us on a path toward action

We’re excited to announce the release of Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in America, a groundbreaking national study on youth homelessness.Read More

Mockingbird Youth Leadership Summit
August 16, 2017
Mockingbird Youth Leadership Summit: Driving Change through Authentic Youth Engagement

It is hard to imagine an event that better embodies youth empowerment and engagement than the annual Mockingbird Youth Leadership Summit. The Raikes Foundation has long supported the Mockingbird Society, in part because of the organization’s strong commitment to authentically incorporating the voices of young people into its programs and advocacy. Read More

Team members hold balloons at the conclusion of the 100 Day Challenges
August 11, 2017
Washington State’s 100 Day Challenges prove we can end youth homelessness

Over the past 100 days, community teams in Washington State have been working around the clock to house as many homeless young people as possible. The 100 Day Challenges in Spokane, Pierce, and King counties were designed to generate innovative solutions to youth homelessness by empowering front line staff and disrupting “business as usual,” and I couldn’t be happier to report that the project was a resounding success. Read More

June 16, 2017
How free legal services help young people overcome homelessness

This guest blog post was written by Erin Lovell, executive director of Legal Counsel for Youth and Children.  Like thousands of youth and young adults in King County, Jessica* struggled with homelessness. Unlike many, however, Jessica also has a developmental disability, which put her in an even more vulnerable situation. Her relatives had been investigated several times for taking advantage of her. Read More

December 2, 2016
A Path Forward for Youth Homelessness in Washington State

Editor's Note: Washington's Office of Homeless Youth recently completed the state's first plan to solve youth homelessness. Casey Trupin - a program officer at the Raikes Foundation - chaired the office's advisory committee and helped shape this important new path forward for the state. He offers his thoughts on the plan and its significance in the letter below.Read More

September 14, 2016
Local Philanthropies Commit $1.86 Million to Support Homeless Students in Washington State

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Raikes Foundation today announced a new partnership to help Washington’s 35,000 homeless students find the support and stability they need to thrive. The two foundations have joined with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Campion Foundation to collectively commit $1.86 million to the effort, known as Schoolhouse Washington.Read More

August 18, 2016
Expanded Civil Legal Services for Homeless Youth

Reposted with permission from More

June 13, 2016
Fourteen Too Many

It may be your daughter’s best friend. It may be the captain of the football team. It may be the new student who just transferred in. It may be the one who has lived in your neighborhood for as long as you can remember. What we know is that the vast majority of public schools serve at least one student experiencing homelessness. In fact, the average public school has 14 students facing this crisis.Read More

April 5, 2016
What This Washington State Legislative Session Meant for Homeless Youth

There are more than 35,000 homeless K-12 students in Washington—a population with one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the state. Historically, barely half of these students graduate with their peers. Now, thanks to legislation passed by the Washington State Legislature and signed into law last week by Governor Inslee, homeless students are more likely to receive the support and stability they need to succeed in school and life.Read More

February 22, 2016
Bold Action to Improve the Lives of Young People in Washington State

Yesterday, Washington Governor Jay Inslee took an historic step to improve the lives of young people in our state. The governor issued an executive order to begin the process of creating a Department of Children and Families in our state. Such a change would ensure that Governor Inslee, and future Washington governors, hear frequently and directly about issues affecting our most vulnerable children and families.Read More