our grantmaking process

The Raikes Foundation makes grants in three core program areas: Education, Youth Homelessness, and Impact-Driven Philanthropy. We also make a limited number of community grants and grants for special projects. Proposals are by invitation only. We make the majority of our grants to organizations we have identified. We do not accept unsolicited proposals. 

To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as public charities under section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Code. Public organizations designated under section 170(c) of the Code are also eligible. The Raikes Foundation does not make grants to individuals or to organizations outside the United States. 

The Raikes Foundation does not fund: individuals; organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin or citizenship, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief; or religious purposes unless grant activities address the needs of the wider community without regard to religious beliefs.

Even if our grants and strategies don’t fully succeed, we only fail if we don’t learn.

– Jeff Raikes

List of Grants

Organization Requests Award Date Amount Strategy
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc. General Operating Support 09/14/18 $50,000.00 Community Giving
The Seattle Foundation Seattle Times Investigative Journalism Fund 06/06/19 $50,000.00 Community Giving
Transforming Education, Inc. Building Equity Capacity for Transforming Education Leadership and Staff 10/10/18 $50,000.00 Education
League of Education Voters Foundation General Operating Support 10/06/17 $50,000.00 Expanded Learning Opportunities
GreatNonprofits Census 2020 Operating and Programming 02/01/20 $50,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University Cardinal Service Website and Communications Platform Improvements 09/24/18 $50,000.00 Community Giving
New Venture Fund Mindset Scholars Network Strategic Planning 12/06/19 $50,000.00 Education
National Conference of State Legislatures Engaging and Educating Legislatures in the Fight to End Youth Homelessness 10/23/18 $50,000.00 Youth Homelessness
College Access Now Fund the Gap Campaign 09/29/17 $50,000.00 Community Giving
The Seattle Foundation Covid-19 Response Fund 03/20/20 $50,000.00 Special Initiatives - Exec. Dir. Discretionary Fund
The Seattle Foundation The Seattle Times Solutions Oriented Journalism Project on Homelessness 09/24/19 $51,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Chapin Hall Center for Children Voices of Youth Count Education Research Brief Development and Dissemination 12/01/18 $53,136.00 Youth Homelessness
Coalition For Juvenile Justice Collaborating for Change 05/17/19 $55,000.00 Youth Homelessness
National Conference For Community and Justice of Metro St. Louis Anti-Oppression Facilitator Training Cohort of Youth Homelessness Movement Staff 11/26/19 $60,000.00 Youth Homelessness
National Network for Youth Inc. Ensuring Effective Implementation of the Families First Prevention Services Act 10/23/18 $60,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Latino Community Fund of Washington State "Washington Census Alliance" Census 2020 Operations and Programming 02/04/20 $60,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
Albuquerque Community Foundation "New Mexico Counts 2020" Census 2020 Operating Support 02/01/20 $60,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
Treehouse Project Education Impact Implementation 11/22/19 $61,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Behavioral Ideas Lab, Inc. Impact-Giving Self-Assessment Tool 11/15/17 $65,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education Improving Under 18 Homeless Youth System Coordination – Lifting up Mainstream System Partners to End Youth Homelessness 08/24/18 $65,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Trustees of Indiana University Moving Beyond Changing Mindsets: Creating a Culture of Growth in Schools (Indiana, Year 2, Research Study) 06/30/17 $66,105.00 Education
Third Sector New England Inc. Report on the Correlation Between the Behavioral Health System and Youth Homelessness 12/07/17 $66,125.00 Youth Homelessness
Florida Philanthropic Network Inc. Florida Counts Census 2020 Operations and Programming 02/01/20 $70,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
Communities Foundation of Texas Inc. “Texas Counts Pooled Fund” Census 2020 Operations and Programming 02/01/20 $70,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
One Arizona Census 2020 Operations and Programming 02/01/20 $70,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
University of Iowa Student Experience Project Year One (PI - Nick Bowman, 2019) 02/04/19 $74,821.00 Education
Corporation for Supportive Housing King County Regional Action Plan Development 03/01/19 $75,000.00 Regional Homelessness
EducationCounsel LLC 2019 Advancing the Building Equitable Learning Environments Network 06/01/19 $75,000.00 Education
Education Trust Inc. Building Public Will for More Equitable Funding in Maryland 01/22/20 $75,000.00 Education
Council For A Strong America General Operating Support 10/15/18 $75,000.00 Expanded Learning Opportunities
Seattle Education Access Student-Led Systems Change in Education 10/11/18 $75,000.00 Special Initiatives
Education Trust Inc. Convening an Emerging Resource Equity Field 12/07/17 $78,394.00 Education
Campion Foundation Regional Homelessness Action Plan Communications 09/23/19 $80,000.00 Regional Homelessness
Fair Count Inc. Census 2020 Operations and Programming 02/01/20 $80,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
Coalition For Juvenile Justice Collaborating for Change 11/01/17 $80,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Building Changes Understanding and Addressing Barriers to Academic Success for Students of Color Experiencing Homelessness 12/11/17 $80,500.00 Youth Homelessness
YouthCare Youth Services Center Training and Outreach Coordinator (King County Housing Stability for Justice Involved Youth) 11/20/19 $81,000.00 Youth Homelessness
North Carolina Justice Center “Our Kids Can't Wait” North Carolina Campaign for Fair School Funding 01/22/20 $97,000.00 Education
OneAmerica General Operating Support 05/08/20 $100,000.00 Special Initiatives - Exec. Dir. Discretionary Fund
Philanthropy Northwest Catalyst Campaign 04/05/19 $100,000.00 Community Giving
The Aspen Institute, Inc. Aspen Forum for Community Solutions General Operations 12/05/17 $100,000.00 Special Initiatives
Catalist Women General Operating Support 08/05/19 $100,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Chapin Hall Center for Children Towards Core Outcome Measures for Youth Homelessness 12/01/17 $100,000.00 Youth Homelessness
New Venture Fund 2020 Census Project’s Census Equity Fund 02/01/20 $100,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
United Way Of King County Homeless Youth Programs 08/04/17 $100,000.00 Community Giving
Mariners Care Day of Game Workers Fund 04/17/20 $100,000.00 Community Giving
Center for Effective Philanthropy General Operating Support 09/10/18 $100,000.00 IDPI 1 - Strengthen the Ecosystem of Donor Support
Friends of the Seattle Waterfront General Operating Support 05/17/19 $100,000.00 Community Giving
YouthCare Addressing Youth Homelessness within the Juvenile Justice System (Year Two) 11/29/18 $103,989.00 Youth Homelessness
Washington State Health Care Authority - Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Youth Homelessness Behavioral Health Staff Position 01/13/20 $119,000.00 Youth Homelessness