our grantmaking process

The Raikes Foundation makes grants in three core program areas: Education, Youth Homelessness, and Impact-Driven Philanthropy. We also make a limited number of community grants and grants for special projects. Proposals are by invitation only. We make the majority of our grants to organizations we have identified. We do not accept unsolicited proposals. 

To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as public charities under section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Code. Public organizations designated under section 170(c) of the Code are also eligible. The Raikes Foundation does not make grants to individuals or to organizations outside the United States. 

The Raikes Foundation does not fund: individuals; organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin or citizenship, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief; or religious purposes unless grant activities address the needs of the wider community without regard to religious beliefs.

Even if our grants and strategies don’t fully succeed, we only fail if we don’t learn.

– Jeff Raikes

List of Grants

Organization Requests Award Date Amount Strategy
Building Changes Understanding and Addressing Barriers to Academic Success for Students of Color Experiencing Homelessness 12/11/17 $80,500.00 Youth Homelessness
YouthCare Youth Services Center Training and Outreach Coordinator (King County Housing Stability for Justice Involved Youth) 11/20/19 $81,000.00 Youth Homelessness
The Get Schooled Foundation #WeBelongInCollege National Campaign 07/01/20 $85,000.00 Education
North Carolina Justice Center “Our Kids Can't Wait” North Carolina Campaign for Fair School Funding 01/22/20 $97,000.00 Education
OneAmerica General Operating Support 05/08/20 $100,000.00 Special Initiatives - Exec. Dir. Discretionary Fund
The Aspen Institute, Inc. Aspen Forum for Community Solutions General Operations 12/05/17 $100,000.00 Special Initiatives
New Venture Fund 2020 Census Project’s Census Equity Fund 02/01/20 $100,000.00 SIE 2: Civic Engagement
Center for Effective Philanthropy General Operating Support 09/10/18 $100,000.00 IDPI 1 - Strengthen the Ecosystem of Donor Support
Chapin Hall Center for Children Towards Core Outcome Measures for Youth Homelessness 12/01/17 $100,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Friends of the Seattle Waterfront General Operating Support 05/17/19 $100,000.00 Community Giving
Philanthropy Northwest Catalyst Campaign 04/05/19 $100,000.00 Community Giving
Mariners Care Day of Game Workers Fund 04/17/20 $100,000.00 Community Giving
Catalist Women General Operating Support 08/05/19 $100,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
True Colors United Expansion of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness 07/01/20 $100,000.00 Youth Homelessness
YouthCare Addressing Youth Homelessness within the Juvenile Justice System (Year Two) 11/29/18 $103,989.00 Youth Homelessness
Washington State Health Care Authority - Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Youth Homelessness Behavioral Health Staff Position 01/13/20 $119,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Legal Counsel for Youth and Children General Operating Support 03/01/19 $125,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Equal Justice Works Equal Justice Works Fellowship 04/23/20 $130,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Promise54 General Operating Support 07/11/19 $150,000.00 DEI
Education Leaders of Color, Inc. General Operating Support 12/11/18 $150,000.00 Education
United Philanthropy Forum General Operating Support 03/27/20 $150,000.00 IDPI 2: Donor Support Ecosystem
Third Sector New England Inc. A Way Home Washington’s “Anchor Communities” Initiative to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness 07/12/18 $150,000.00 Youth Homelessness
True Colors United Expansion of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness 11/29/18 $150,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Umoja Student Development Corporation General Operating Support 07/12/18 $150,000.00 Education
Alliance For Education Philanthropic Partners for Public Education (PPPE) Fund VIII (Year 1) 07/01/20 $150,000.00 Special Initiatives - General (Misc)
SchoolHouse Connection State Partnerships on Student Homelessness 08/06/18 $155,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Third Sector New England Inc. A Way Home America General Operations & National Stakeholder Convenings 12/05/17 $160,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Washington State Department of Early Learning Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) Staffing Support for the Transition Team 01/29/18 $160,000.00 Community Giving
Mockingbird Society King County Youth Voice Project 12/05/18 $160,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Chapin Hall Center for Children “Upstream Seattle” First Year Pre-Implementation (Phase 1) 12/12/18 $163,643.00 Youth Homelessness
Faces of Giving, Inc. The Apparitional Donor: Understanding and Engaging High Net Worth Donors of Color - Research and Report (Phase 1) 11/09/17 $165,000.00 IDPI 1: Coordinated System
The Billions Institute, LLC Building Equitable Learning Environments Network (Year 3) 07/25/18 $167,670.00 Education
Boston University Center For Antiracist Research Assistant Director for Advocacy Position (2 years) 07/21/20 $170,000.00 Special Initiatives - BLM Fund
YMCA of Greater Seattle Host Homes Program Expansion for Minors in King County 11/02/18 $175,000.00 Youth Homelessness
EducationCounsel LLC 2018 - 2019 K-12 Education Research, Practice and Policy Implementation Field Support 06/28/18 $180,000.00 Education
School's Out Washington Expanded Learning Opportunities Network for Quality Initiative 11/28/17 $190,000.00 Expanded Learning Opportunities
EducationCounsel LLC 2018-2019 Post-Secondary Field Development 01/19/18 $193,750.00 Education
Third Sector New England Inc. General Operating Support 11/20/17 $200,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Washington State Department of Commerce Office of Homeless Youth Systems of Care Discharge to Stable Housing 06/28/19 $200,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Proteus Fund Inc. General Operating Support (JustFund) 10/28/19 $200,000.00 IDPI 2: Donor Support Ecosystem
United Way Of King County Home Base Young Adult Project 12/16/19 $200,000.00 Youth Homelessness
National Center for Family Philanthropy General Operating Support 07/01/19 $200,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Mockingbird Society General Operating Support 12/07/17 $210,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Mockingbird Society General Operating Support 12/05/18 $220,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Institute For America's Future Inc. Promoting Academic Success and Belonging for All Students: Multi-Modal School District Approach 02/20/18 $234,618.00 Education
The Billions Institute, LLC Building Equitable Learning Environments Network (Year 2b) 12/22/17 $235,798.00 Education
EducationCounsel LLC 2019 - 2020 Advancing a K-12 Resource Equity Agenda Across the Field 06/01/19 $240,000.00 Education
Washington State Department of Children Youth and Families Expanded Learning Opportunities State Systems Support and Online Coaching 12/07/18 $250,000.00 Expanded Learning Opportunities
Chapin Hall Center for Children No More Missed Opportunities: The Youth Homelessness Prevention Initiative 12/16/19 $250,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Americas Promise-The Alliance For Youth Communication’s Campaign to Advance Social, Emotional & Academic Development (SEAD) 05/01/19 $250,000.00 Education