November 7, 2020
A new electorate is emerging
By Jeff & Tricia Raikes

Americans have decisively called for change. The highest turnout of voters in a generation, including significant numbers of new voters, have made their voices heard in all corners of our country. Young voters, Black voters – especially Black women, Latinx voters, voters spanning the diversity of the AAPI community, and voters from rural communities have spoken. A new electorate is emerging. Today we take a step closer to becoming the multiracial democracy that America aspires to be.

We extend our appreciation first and foremost to the millions of voters who made their voices heard. We are in awe of the tenacity on display to exercise the right to vote in a pandemic – and the professionalism of election officials, poll workers, and lawyers to ensure that all votes are counted. We celebrate that the democratic process worked. We must also do more to make voting easier for all Americans.

We congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. We especially cherish the history that Vice President-Elect Harris will soon make. We join Black women and men, as well as South Asian Americans and all women and men across the country, in celebrating her historic election. We also congratulate candidates down the ballot who chose to run their campaigns in the spirit of inclusion, equity, and justice. From the beginning, President-Elect Biden ran a campaign that encouraged Americans to come together – a campaign that reminded us that we are better united than we are divided. We are confident that a Biden Administration will strengthen democratic norms and restore a sense of common purpose.

Many in our country – especially those marginalized by history, outdated systems, and leaders exacerbating the wounds of racism and othering – have endured challenge and pain leading up to this election. We have also been witness to an awakening of the American people to the historic and structural inequities that have undermined the health, wealth, and overall security of Black Americans, Indigenous people, and people of color generally. Today we see a powerful intergenerational and multiracial coalition speaking up for the ideals of a more generous and inclusive America. We also remain a fractious and divided country. There is more work to do to understand large segments of white voters who may not yet see a place for themselves in that multi-racial future.

We look forward to working with the incoming Biden Administration. Along with our partners and our community, we will work towards a country in which equity, economic security, inclusion, and justice are the norm. We extend our gratitude to all our partners for all the work they do and wish everyone safety and good health in the days ahead.

No one election defines the arc of American history. As we approach another peaceful transfer of power, we recommit to doing our part to strengthen our democracy and pursue equity, racial justice and belonging, especially for young people and the most vulnerable among us. We will continue to bridge towards a true multiracial democracy worthy of everyone in our nation.