January 31, 2017
Statement from Jeff and Tricia Raikes in Support of Refugees and Immigrants

"We started the Raikes Foundation to build on our personal commitment to the idea that all young people should have equitable access to the systems that help them prosper, regardless of where they are from. These values were instilled in us as children growing up in Washington State and Nebraska; and they are the fundamental ideals that have driven our lives’ work. It’s a part of what makes us so proud to be American.

Over the past few days, the basic civil liberties of immigrants and refugees have been challenged by policies that do not represent the integrity of our great nation. We empathize with those who both seek refuge from persecution and those who come here in search of a better life. 

Diversity of cultures, identities, thoughts and beliefs are what make America so unique. Every organization we have ever been involved with, from Microsoft to the United Way to the Seattle Mariners – has been strengthened by the diversity of each person’s unique contributions. As we continue our work to ensure every young person has a chance to succeed, we extend a hand to America’s immigrant and refugee communities. We stand with you. You belong here. You are not alone.”