July 29, 2016
Welcoming Our Newest Team Members

We’re thrilled to announce the two newest members of the Raikes Foundation team. Both bring a wealth of experience that will help as our foundation thoughtfully expands its work and—we hope—our impact.

Dina Blum, Education Strategy Program Officer

Dina is responsible for the education strategy's research and development efforts. Before joining the foundation, Dina was an associate professor at Heritage University, where she served as chair of educational administration and facilitator with HU’s Center for Intercultural Learning and Teaching. She has served in a variety of public and private sector roles in PK-20 education, including middle school teacher, instructional coach, administrator, program director, and consultant. As associate director of program at Equal Opportunity Schools and project director at the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership (CEL), she worked closely with school and district leaders to transform instruction and develop more equitable learning environments. While at CEL, Dina produced a suite of classroom videos for professional development purposes and spearheaded the development of the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, a comprehensive framework for observing and analyzing classroom practice and assessing leaders’ instructional leadership expertise. In addition to a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from University of Washington, Dina earned a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a master’s degree from Lesley University.


Molly Watkins, Communications Director

Molly leads the foundation's communications strategy. Previously, Molly worked across a number of program areas at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, including US education, family planning, agriculture and nutrition. She also served as the lead communications adviser to co-chair Melinda Gates. Prior to returning to her hometown to join the Gates Foundation, Molly spent 15 years in New York City, working at Carnegie Hall and in city government. She also spent several years as a consultant the Glover Park Group, working with clients including the American Federation of Teachers, the Common Core State Standards Initiative, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and several political campaigns. Molly began her career at KIRO radio in Seattle upon her graduation from Washington State University.