How we work

Invest in the Science of Learning and Development. We fund research on how young people learn, develop and thrive and work to translate it into the classroom. Our investment in the Mindset Scholars Network is building the evidence and insights about how students’ psychological experience of school matters to their learning and life outcomes. In addition to funding basic science, we also work with researchers to design and test strategies and measures that teachers and schools can use to create classrooms that will foster engaging, growth-oriented, meaningful and equitable learning environments.

Redesigning Schools and Systems. We believe deep and meaningful change in our education system will only happen at the intersection of the perspectives of learning scientists, educators, young people and their communities. We support powerful networks that engage and integrate diverse perspectives to redesign schools and systems that work for all young people. The Raikes Foundation created the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network to bring together a diverse group of organizations that are already working with schools to use the science of learning and development to improve outcomes for students of color and low-income students. We also support the College Transition Collaborative and Project for Education Research that Scales to help post-secondary institutions implement interventions and make institutional changes that will enable students to persist and complete college.  

Create the Conditions. To ensure our public education system promotes opportunity for all we need education policies and educator preparation that foster equitable learning environments. We invest to support communities, educators and policymakers as they create policies that leverage the science of learning and development to advance equity.  We also support field building efforts to advance the science of learning and development and its application in education.