what we Are learning

The science of learning and development reveals that while what students learn is important, the environment adults create to support them is essential to their success as adults. When schools affirm students' identities, surround them with supportive relationships, help them explore what they value, encourage them to recognize their strengths and skills, and make the connection between what students do in school and their lives and a purpose beyond themselves, all students can learn and achieve. When students are valued and respected as individuals and are not reduced to a stereotype, they persist in school, learn deeply and become lifelong learners.

The right school environment can help enable the learning mindsets and skills that allow all students to be successful. Students have learning mindsets when they know that intelligence grows with mental effort, understand that struggling with new challenges is a normal part of the learning process, can relate lessons to their own lives, and believe that they belong and can succeed in the classroom. Learning mindsets work hand in hand with educational skills such as time management, goal setting, and knowing when to ask for help. Together, learning mindsets and skills give students the beliefs, tools and habits they need to learn more of the content they are taught, seek out new challenges and persist through them.