Our Strategy 

Field Building and Convening 

Currently, most of the resources available on high-impact giving are directed toward foundations, rather than where the bulk of the giving will occur – with individual donors. One of our core premises is that addressing this mismatch by building a strong system of individual donor support can accelerate higher impact giving, which is why we convene the Impact-Driven Philanthropy Collaborative. This collaborative brings together key stakeholders who support individual donors including other foundations, donor education providers, donor organizers, nonprofit leaders, researchers and academics who study donor behavior, philanthropy advisors, wealth advisors, philanthropy staff in private banks, public charities and intermediaries, and others to enhance the system of support for newer donors. We envision a field that does a better job reaching individual donors, meeting them where they are, and accelerating their path to giving with impact. Together, we are seizing the moment to reach, teach, and in some cases, mobilize donors to leverage their resources toward meaningful change on issues and in communities.


Our grant making efforts focus on a few key priorities:

  • Supporting organizations that work with donors through key moments of organizational transition.
  • Elevating promising new models of donor support that promote more equitable outcomes.
  • Funding research that fills gaps in our understanding of the landscape of donor support and of donors and donor behavior, and advances more just outcomes from giving.
  • Boosting innovations that meet donor needs in new ways.
  • Encouraging experiments among existing philanthropy support organizations that want to address individual donors as an audience.