our grantmaking process

The Raikes Foundation makes grants in three core program areas: Education, Youth Homelessness, and Impact-Driven Philanthropy. We also make a limited number of community grants and grants for special projects. Proposals are by invitation only. We make the majority of our grants to organizations we have identified. We do not accept unsolicited proposals. 

To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as public charities under section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Code. Public organizations designated under section 170(c) of the Code are also eligible. The Raikes Foundation does not make grants to individuals or to organizations outside the United States. 

The Raikes Foundation does not fund: individuals; organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin or citizenship, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief; or religious purposes unless grant activities address the needs of the wider community without regard to religious beliefs.

Even if our grants and strategies don’t fully succeed, we only fail if we don’t learn.

– Jeff Raikes

List of Grants

Organization Requests Award Date Amount Program
Proteus Fund Inc. Impact-Driven Philanthropy Collaborative Fund Core Operating Support 08/08/22 $125,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Treehouse Ending Foster Care to Prison Pipeline 08/03/22 $25,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Center for Community Change Workshop Fellowship 08/02/22 $50,000.00 Executive Director Discretionary
Fellow - Barbara Rockey 2022 Community Leaders Fellowship 07/29/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Fellow - Azia Ruff 2022 Community Leaders Fellowship 07/29/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Possibility Labs Freedom School for Healing & Justice in Philanthropy - Core Operating Support 07/28/22 $300,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Center for Community Change General Operating Support 07/27/22 $2,500.00 Community Giving
Western States Center General Operating Support 07/27/22 $2,500.00 Community Giving
Foundation for California Community Colleges California Learning Lab First Inaugural Annual Conference 07/19/22 $10,000.00 Education
Funders Together To End Homelessness Inc Annual Membership (2023) 07/19/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
University Of Washington Foundation Brotman Baty Institute Core Operating Support 07/14/22 $50,000.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
Fellow - Drisana Malaambo 2022 Community Leaders Fellowship 07/11/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
New Venture Fund General Operating Support 07/07/22 $2,100.00 Community Giving
New Venture Fund Student Action Network for Equity 07/07/22 $25,000.00 Education
National Center for Civic Innovation Inc. Equity Accelerator: Institutional Transformation for Equitable Student Success in Higher Education Core Operations 07/01/22 $560,000.00 Education
Fellow - Courtney Jackson 2022 Community Leaders Fellowship 06/30/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Fellow - Michael Jones 2022 Community Leaders Fellowship 06/30/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Fellow - Kenneth Sinclair 2022 Community Leaders Fellowship 06/30/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Fostering Media Connections Washington State Youth Homelessness Coverage (RENEWAL) 06/27/22 $50,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc. General Operating Support 06/24/22 $75,000.00 Education
Social Good Fund General Operating Support 06/23/22 $2,500.00 Employee Anniversary Gifts
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities General Operating Support 06/21/22 $900,000.00 Education
Mockingbird Society 2022 Youth Leadership Summit Sponsorship 06/15/22 $2,500.00 Youth Homelessness
Education Trust Inc. Alliance for Resource Equity Core Operating Support 06/07/22 $900,000.00 Education
Ryther General Operating Support 06/01/22 $500.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
Africatown Community Land Trust General Operating Support 06/01/22 $2,500.00 Employee Anniversary Gifts
The Loveland Foundation General Operating Support 06/01/22 $2,500.00 Employee Anniversary Gifts
Children’s Defense Fund General Operating Support 06/01/22 $50,000.00 Executive Director Discretionary
National Center for Youth Law General Operating Support 05/24/22 $750,000.00 Education
Learning Policy Institute General Operating Support 05/23/22 $900,000.00 Education
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University 2022 First Principles Forum 05/20/22 $10,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
OneAmerica 2022 Movement Family Reunion 05/18/22 $5,000.00 Community Giving
NewSchools Fund NewSchools Summit Sponsorship (2022) 05/10/22 $10,000.00 Education
609 Chief Seattle Council Mariners Scout Luncheon (2022) 05/10/22 $10,000.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
North Star Fund Inc. Giving Project Network - General Operating Support 05/06/22 $300,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Social Justice Fund Northwest General Operating Support 05/06/22 $300,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy General Operating Support 05/06/22 $450,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
National Public Education Support Fund Education Funders Strategy Group Membership (2022) 05/04/22 $25,000.00 Education
Outdoors For All Foundation General Operating Support 05/03/22 $1,042.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
The Seattle Foundation 2022 Belonging Gathering with Civic Commons 04/28/22 $2,500.00 Community Giving
Building Changes Partnership for Zero 04/26/22 $50,000.00 Youth Homelessness
The Seattle Foundation Grantmakers for Thriving Youth, Education Forward Fund 04/21/22 $200,000.00 Education
New Venture Fund Responsive Communications Support for System Leaders 04/13/22 $150,000.00 Conditions of Racial Equity Cross Cut
Turning Pointe Survivor Advocacy Center General Operating Support 04/08/22 $2,500.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
Grantmakers For Education Annual Membership (2022) 04/05/22 $3,700.00 Education
Race Forward General Operating Support 04/05/22 $1,000.00 Community Giving
Donors of Color Network Inc. Tamaya Retreat (2022) 04/05/22 $15,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Promise54 General Operating Support 04/04/22 $1,000.00 Community Giving
SchoolHouse Connection Education Leads Home: Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness in the Pandemic Recovery and Beyond 04/04/22 $500,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Panorama Global General Operating Support 03/30/22 $1,000.00 Community Giving