Our Mission, Vision, and Values



The Raikes Foundation invests in youth-serving institutions and systems to make them more effective in supporting and empowering all young people, especially those who have been most marginalized.



We envision a just and inclusive society where all young people have the support they need to achieve their full potential.


Our Values

Equity: We aspire to a more just and equitable world. We accept our responsibility to understand and address the longstanding racial and social inequities that shape the systems we aim to impact today. Our commitment to equity guides the problems we aim to solve, the partners we choose, and the actions we take.

The power of young people: We believe in the boundless potential of young people to change the world. By acknowledging the humanity in every young person and ensuring systems work for those who have been most marginalized, all young people will be able reach their full potential.

Systemic change: We believe that the most enduring impact comes from improving systems that serve young people, not limiting our focus to specific programs or organizations. To achieve change at this level, we focus on high-leverage opportunities for impact where private philanthropy can play a catalytic role.

Collaboration and partnership: Systems-level change doesn’t happen without collaboration and deep engagement with the communities the systems serve. There are multiple constituencies who must work together to advance solutions. Collaboration is an essential ingredient of our approach, both internally and externally.

Diversity of knowledge and expertise: We use scientific research and data to inform our work while also proactively seeking out the insights and expertise of people with lived experience from the communities we serve, especially young people.

Learning: The work we do is always evolving. Our desire to continuously learn drives us to seek and embrace feedback, integrate new information, reflect on successes and failures, and always look for ways to more effectively achieve our mission.